Custom 2 Wire Auto Start Kit fits all Kubota GL KJ and SQ Models. $398.99 In Stock




Custom 2 Wire Auto Start Kit fits all Kubota GL KJ and SQ Models. $398.99. In stock

Allows 2 wire remote starting of the Kubota GL, KJ and SQ model generators via a custom built auto start control module. Contacts set to normally open. This can be activated by any two wire ATS automatic transfer switch or solar inverter low voltage 2 wire auto start commander or a simple on / off switch. Click details for more info. Module controls off, pre determined pre-heat glow plug cycle, crank (start) and continue to run(on) cycle. Works on all Kubota Generator models

The 2 wire autostart feature works with any 2 wire commander i.e. Xantrex, Sunny Boy, Fronius, Satcon, Enphase, P.V. Powered, Outback, Heart, etc. Please consult with your manufacturer to confirm 2 wire low voltage start capability. If ordered as an option with a generator we will install this for an additional $498.00 or you may elect to install it yourself. We charge $498.00 to install because we have to uncrate, unpack and remove all plastic wraps and contents from the genset. Then we spend 1.5 hours performing the installation. We must repack the entire genset and prepare it for shipping. If you desire to save the installation fee you can do this job with our special written instructions and by watching our Youtube videos on line. Copy and paste this link

Microprocessor Automatically Mimics The Manual Start Procedure
Simple Installation, Without Changing Original Wiring
Easy to Set Up, low-cost, Small Size, Low Power Consumption
For Use In Gasoline And Diesel Generators
Three Attempts Multi-Start Function
Circuits Are Protected With 94-V0 Epoxy
Two Adjustable Time Delay Potentiometers
Electronic items sales are final and may not be returned.

In stock – FREE SHIPPING. Ships same day FedEx priority 2 day mail with in the USA. Extra fees outside the USA. We will ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Canada, etc for an extra $29.95. This option is selectable at check out.


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