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Kubota GL14000 Low Boy Pro Diesel Generator.  Call for lead time and current pricing.
Compact Design:Direct engine coupling and unique cooling system enhance the GL14000’s low profile that allows it to fit in more spaces. Easy One-Side Maintenance All maintenance locations can be accessed from a single, large access panel on the side of the generator: oil gauge, oil filter, oil fill, fuel filter, radiator water tank, battery and air cleaner. Engine oil and coolant drain extensions are included to help with regularly scheduled fluid changes. Most generators provide either receptacles or terminals. The GL14000 includes both.
The Quietest GL Series Generator Yet The LowboyPro includes numerous features that reduce overall noise levels. • The large-capacity radiator reduces fan-related noise by direct coupling the crankshaft with a slower-speed fan. • The large-capacity, built-in muffler reduces exhaust noise. • A longer air-cleaner hose dampens air-suction noise levels. • The inlet vent is strategically placed and specifically designed to allow minimal noise from the enclosure’s opening.
Highly Resistant to Corrosion From top to bottom, the GL14000 is designed to resist corrosion in wet weather and other extreme conditions. A dual-layer surface coating that covers critical components includes the following technologies:
• Electrodeposition coating covers the edges uniformly, which provides corrosion prevention that is difficult to achieve with other technologies.
• Electrodeposition provides an excellent base coat for the exterior powder coat.
• External powder coat provides a hard fi nish that further resists corrosion and maintains its appearance in severe working conditions. Improved Reliability The new GL14000 alternator is optimized to generate more magnetic force with fewer turns, which improves long-term reliability and durability. Numerous alternator features help to increase durability and enhance performance.
• Varnishing bundles individual coils together within the interior winding layer, greatly improving durability.
• The surface of the coil layer is coated with a second layer of varnish to protect against dust and moisture.
• The varnish-coated wires are wound at a constant pitch, increasing protection against the wear and tear inherent in high-speed rotation components.
• The entire alternator is finish-coated with another varnish layer that enhances moisture and water resistance while ensuring excellent performance in extreme weather.
This model has economical fuel use of .85 gallons at 1/2 load. Running time is over 11.32 hours on a full tank at 1/2 load. The fuel tank size is 9.62 gallons
51.57 length X 25.2″ Wide X 35.24″ High. Enclosed weight is 904 lbs. Shipping weight 990 lbs. Enclosed quietness is no load 65 db, at rated load 67 db at 7 meters.
898cc Kubota D902 3-Cyclinder Liquid-Cooled Diesel Engine (EPA Tier 4 Final, CARB)
Extended shallow oil pan provides longer oil change intervals
Improved E-TVSC (Three Vortex Combustion System) for better emissions
Cooling water passages between cylinder bores for superior endurance and reliability

The price includes a factory warranty of 24 months.

* Free shipping is to a commercial location with a loading dock or fork lift on site. Ships via a semi truck.

MODEL Unit GL14000
 Type Rotating field single phase AC generator
 Frequency Hz 60
 Standby Output kVA (kW) 14 (14kW)
 Prime Output kVA (kW) 12 (12kW)
 Voltage – Single Phase V 120/240
 Armature Connection Series
 Phase / Wire 1/3
 Power Factor 1.0
 No. of Poles 2
 Insulation Class Rotor coil; class F, Stator coil; class B
 Type of Coupling Direct coupled
 Single Phase 120V A 100
 Single Phase 240V A 50
 5-15R (GFCI) 0
 5-20RA (GFCI) 2
120/240 Volt 50 amp twist lock 1
 Terminal Block for  electrical connections Included
 Type EPA Tier 4 Final Vertical, liquid-cooled,
4-cycle diesel engine
 Model D902
 No. of Cylinders 3
 Bore x Stroke mm (in.)
 Displacement L (cu. in.)
 Engine Speed rpm 3600
 Continuous Rated Output kW (HP)
(API classification)
Above CD grade
 Oil Capacity L (qts.)
 Coolant Capacity L (qts.)
 Starting System Electric – 12 volt DC
 Fuel Diesel fuel No.2
(ASTM D975)
at Full Load L/h (gal./h) 4.9 (1.29)
at 3/4 Load L/h (gal./h) 3.9 (1.03)
at 1/2 Load L/h (gal./h) 3.2 (0.85)
at 1/4 Load L/h (gal./h) 2.5 (0.66)
 Fuel Tank Capacity L (gal.) 36.4 (9.62)
at Full Load h 7.46
at 3/4 Load h 9.34
at 1/2 Load h 11.32
at 1/4 Load h 14.58
 Battery (Ah/5h)
L x W x H
1310 x 640 x 895
(51.57 x 25.2 x 35.24)
 Approx. Net Weight kg (lbs.) 410 (904) dry
 Sound Level
(Full Load at 23 ft. [7m])
dB (A) 65/67 under load
 Emergency Stop System In case of abnormal: oil pressure, excessive water temperature, over revolution, improper charging.  Fuel spill  containment causes engine shut off plus warning light.


Kubota Part #HH150-32430 Oil Filter = Napa Auto Part #1365 $7.90
Kubota Part #16271-43560 Fuel Filter = Napa Auto Part#3263 $11.04
Kubota Part #1G319-11210 Air Filter = Napa Auto Part #500428 $26.34


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