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Store Policies and Warranty Information last updated 01-1-2023
Store Policies also apply to written home improvment contracts.
All installation and repair contracts are subject to the Policy, Conditions, Terms and Specifications as stated on
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Our Commitment to You: We do not raise our prices during emergencies. Everyone pays the same price. We will earn a reasonable profit by providing you with a superior product and outstanding service. We like our line of business, and we develop satisfied repeat customers. If we make a mistake, we will do everything in our power to correct it and gain your confidence. We are here to serve you.

You, Your, and Us: In this policy, We refer to You several times. You and Your refers to You as the customer. United Generator, United Generator LLC, United Generator LLC dba United Construction,, and We refer to Us.

Ordering: You may order online thru our secure website, via fax, e-mail, or over the phone by calling us at (707) 332-0703. The preferred method is thru our secure website.

Sales Tax: We are not required to collect sales or use tax on deliveries within the US, except in California; this may change at anytime. For customers in California, all applicable taxes will be added to your order. To satisfy consumer reporting rules, if you are a reseller in California, you must provide the correct forms to us before the State tax is removed from your order. Taxes will be charged as necessary as tax laws are being updated regularly nationwide.

Price Changes: We reserve the right to change pricing at any time without notice, we try to keep everything up to date, but this is not always possible. We reserve the right to cancel or reject any sale at any time. We also reserve the right to refuse the sale of a product at the listed price when a price increase occurs to us from our suppliers or shippers. If we discover cost increases that prevent us from fulfilling an order, we will notify you immediately and try to compromise with you. We want you to be happy and to receive a fair deal. If we cannot compromise on price changes, we may elect to refund your payment in the same manner received.

Order Mistakes Made by Us: Call us immediately with a description of the issue, and we will make arrangements for pick-up and then ship a replacement of the correct item at our expense.

Order Mistakes Made by You: If you order the Wrong Parts or Assemblies, you will be responsible for the Freight both ways, and your order will be assessed a 20% restocking fee. If you order through the website to pay a lesser amount after receiving a higher quote via e-mail or fax, you will be responsible for the Freight both ways. Your order will be assessed a 20% restocking/cancellation fee on canceled orders. Any Parts or assemblies used, installed, unpackaged, or opened in some cases cannot be returned. To return merchandise, you must first contact us at (707) 332-0703. for the RA # and the correct return address. As-Is, Not Returnable, Used, Phase Out, Custom Built, Modified, One-Off and Reconditioned Items All As-Is, Not Returnable, Used, Phase Out, Custom Built, Modified, One-Off, and Reconditioned Orders are Final Sales. There will be no cancellations, returns, credits, replacements, or exchanges. If these items are damaged in shipping, the customer’s responsibility is to claim the freight carrier. United Generator is not responsible for damage to products during shipping or delays of delivery under any circumstances.

Special Orders and Custom Builds: All Special Orders and Custom Builds are Final Sales. A Special Order or Custom Build is designed to fit a specific application or built to fulfill an order. Special Order items may take more time for delivery than quoted, and the delivery time is determined by the manufacturer and the freight carrier and is not under our control. Products ordered during an emergency such as tornados, floods, hurricanes, forest fires, power outages, ice storms, and other disasters are in short supply. They are not cancelable or returnable under any circumstances. Special orders, custom-built control modules, auto start modules, electronic items, parts, and reconditioned units are final sales and non-returnable.

Canceled Order: If you place your order and decide to cancel your order, we will gladly do so, and your charge will be assessed a 20% cancellation fee. We understand that things change. To cancel, you must notify us no later than the next business day after placing your order so we may try to stop the delivery truck from being loaded. We process orders quickly. If you paid by credit card, any fees the processor charged us for the credit card transaction will be deducted from your transaction and refund. Charges for canceled orders over $5,000.00 will be determined at the time of cancellation. If the order has shipped, it is not cancelable without paying a 25% cancellation/restocking fee to us, plus return shipping (paid by you) and any additional fees, if any, that may be charged by the manufacturer. No first-time outbound freight will be refunded. If the manufacturer does not consent to the cancellation, the sale amount will be due fully even if you refuse the shipment. All storage fees incurred due to cancellation or refusal of delivery will be the customer’s responsibility and deducted from any refund. The minimum storage fee is $30.00 per day.

Disputed Purchases aka Chargebacks: If a customer disputes a charge to their credit card company for services or products purchased from United Generator, extra processing fees are charged to United Generator, known as “chargeback fees.” These fees result from a disputed sale and can only be initiated by the cardholder filing a complaint. The processors will not waive or refund the chargeback fees regardless of the situation or who might be at fault. Suppose the credit card companies and processing companies find no wrongdoing on United Generator’s part at a later date; in that case, we will hold the customer responsible for reimbursing United Generator for these fees and cost of collection. If you are unhappy with a sale, please make an attempt by e-mail or written letter sent via fax or certified mail (no phone calls) prior to filing a stop payment to avoid this situation. We make every attempt to make sure our customers are satisfied, and we feel we can work out any problem prior to incurring unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately, some consumers make fraudulent claims to pay lower prices for products and services, and we all suffer. By preventing fraud, we can give our customers the lowest prices while maintaining our profits. Instances of fraud will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Chargeback Fraud: In some cases customers may dispute an amount less than the amount that was charged to the credit card. For example: the card was charged for $1000.00. The customer disputes $200.00. But the customer has the credit card company stop payment on the entire $1000.00. This would be fraudulent. The customer agrees that United Generator LLC will be entilted to treble damages on the undisputed amount that was falsley with held. At a later date, after the problem is settled, it might be determined that there were no grounds to dispute the transaction at all. In that case treble dmages would apply to the entire amount.

Defective Merchandise: If you think you have defective merchandise (this means it does not work properly), please call the manufacturer directly. Most manufacturers view defective merchandise as a warranty claim and will usually either repair or replace the merchandise. Policies may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Suitability: We cannot guarantee the compatibility or suitability of products sold for your particular situation. We make every effort to recommend those products best suited for your described needs. Sometimes, however, this isn’t easy to accomplish over the phone or the internet, and for that reason, the customer is responsible for researching compatibility and suitability prior to purchase thoroughly. Compatibility and suitability are the customer’s responsibility. All information presented on our website and in contracts is based on data believed to be reliable. It is offered for evaluation and comparison but is not to be considered a warranty of any kind. United Generator shall in no event be responsible for consequential damages of any nature or amount for any reason. Determination of suitability of the product for uses and applications contemplated by the purchaser shall be the purchaser’s sole responsibility.

Installations, service, repairs, and delays: Home Owners please note: United Generator and its subcontractors are not responsible for damages or losses due to improper installation, service, repairs, or delays. The customer agrees to indemnify United Generator from all claims. Covid19 has caused numerous supply chain delays, including but not limited to, lack of skilled labor, permit delays, material shortages, generator back orders, permitting delays and so on. This directly effects the progress of installations and delivery of products. Customer will not hold or chargeback UnitedGenerator responsible delays or for any reason what-so-ever. On construction jobs we reluctantly accept credit card payments as a favor to our customers. If a customer disputes a credit card payment after the fact, their only recourse is to seek satisfaction thru small claims court in the jurisdiction of Sonoma County. Customer agrees not to have their credit card companies dispute transactions on their behalf. If a customer violates this non-chargeback agreement United Generator is entitled to treble damage of the full amount the credit card company “chargeback”.

All installation and repair contracts are subject to the Policy, Conditions, Terms and Specifications as stated on

Policy, Conditions, Terms and Specifications:

State of California required wording for installation contracts and home improvement: Home improvement contract means an agreement, whether oral or written, or contained in one or more documents, between a contractor and an owner or between a contractor and a tenant, regardless of the number of residence or dwelling units contained in the building in which the tenant resides, if the work is to be performed in, to, or upon the residence or dwelling unit of the tenant, for the performance of a home improvement, as defined in Section 7151, and includes all labor, services, and materials to be furnished and performed thereunder, if the aggregate contract price specified in one or more improvement contracts, including all labor, services, and materials to be furnished by the contractor, exceeds five hundred dollars ($500). “Home improvement contract” also means an agreement, whether oral or written, or contained in one or more documents, between a salesperson, whether or not they are a home improvement salesperson, and an owner or a tenant, regardless of the number of residence or dwelling units contained in the building in which the tenant resides, which provides for the sale, installation, or furnishing of home improvement goods or services.

Mechanics Liens:  Consumers are required to receive a “Notice to Owner” warning about property liens. Anyone who helps improve property, but who is not paid like subcontractors, suppliers, or workers, may place what is called a mechanics lien on the property. A mechanics lien is a claim made against the property and recorded with the county.

Right to Cancel: You, the buyer, have the right to cancel this Contract within three business days. You may cancel by e-mailing, mailing, faxing, or delivering a written notice to the contractor United Generator LLC at 1964 Respite Pl, Santa Rosa, CA. Please date the contract when received. If you cancel, the contractor must return to you anything you paid within 10 days of receiving the notice of cancellation. For your part, you must make available to the contractor at your residence, in substantially as good condition as you received it, any goods delivered to you under this contract or sale. Or, you may, if you wish, comply with rn the goods at the contra and risk. If you do make the goods available to the contractor and the contractor does not pick them up within 20 days of the date of your notice of cancellation, you may keep them without any further obligation. If you fail to make the goods available to the contractor, or if you agree to return the goods to the contractor and fail to do so, then you remain liable for performance of all obligations under the contract.

Three-day right to cancel

  • Unless the contract is negotiated at the contractor’s place of business, and/or the contract price is under $25, the buyer qualifies for a three-day right to cancel. The contractor must provide you with information on your three-day right to cancel under the “Home Solicitation Sales Act” with your contract. This notice requires a seller of home goods or services to give the buyer three days to think about whether to buy the offered goods or services.
  • To cancel, the buyer need only give the contractor written notice of his or her intent not to be bound by the contract. Under the law when the contract is canceled the seller can be required to return the entire contract amount and restore a consumer’s property to the way it was before the contract.

Alert symbolALERT The exception to the three-day rule: Service and Repair contracts

  • One major exception to the three-day right to cancel is a “Service and Repair” contract that covers emergency repairs or services that are requested by the consumer on short notice.
  • The right to a three-day notice automatically is canceled the moment the contract is signed and the contractor begins working on a “Service and Repair” contract.
  • The contract should indicate that it is a “service and repair” agreement, and the total contract price for labor and materials must be under $750.

Five-day right to cancel

  • Starting in 2021, seniors (those 65 and older) will have five days to cancel the following transactions: home solicitation contracts, home improvement contracts, Property Assessed Clean Energy assessment contracts, service and repair contracts, and seminar sales contracts (AB 2471).

MECHANICS LIEN WARNING: Anyone who helps improve your property, but who is not paid, may record what is called a mechanics lien on your property. A mechanics lien is a claim, like a mortgage or home equity loan, made against your property and recorded with the county recorder.

Even if you pay your contractor in full, unpaid subcontractors, suppliers, and laborers who helped to improve your property may record mechanics liens and sue you in court to foreclose the lien. If a court finds the lien is valid, you could be forced to pay twice or have a court officer sell your home to pay the lien. Liens can also affect your credit.

To preserve their right to record a lien, each subcontractor and material supplier must provide you with a document called a ‘Preliminary Notice.’ This notice is not a lien. The purpose of the notice is to let you know that the person who sends you the notice has the right to record a lien on your property if they are not paid.

BE CAREFUL.  The Preliminary Notice can be sent up to 20 days after the subcontractor starts work or the supplier provides material. This can be a big problem if you pay your contractor before you have received the Preliminary Notices.

You will not get Preliminary Notices from your prime contractor or from laborers who work on your project. The law assumes that you already know they are improving your property.

PROTECT YOURSELF FROM LIENS.  You can protect yourself from liens by getting a list from your contractor of all the subcontractors and material suppliers that work on your project. Find out from your contractor when these subcontractors started work and when these suppliers’ delivered goods or materials. Then wait 20 days, paying attention to the Preliminary Notices you receive.

PAY WITH JOINT CHECKS.  One way to protect yourself is to pay with a joint check. When your contractor tells you it is time to pay for the work of a subcontractor or supplier who has provided you with a Preliminary Notice, write a joint check payable to both the contractor and the subcontractor or material supplier.

For other ways to prevent liens, visit CSLB’s internet website at or call CSLB at 800-321-CSLB (2752).

REMEMBER, IF YOU DO NOTHING, YOU RISK HAVING A LIEN PLACED ON YOUR HOME. This can mean that you may have to pay twice or face the forced sale of your home to pay what you owe.

Information about the Contractors State License Board (CSLB): CSLB is the state consumer protection agency that licenses and regulates construction contractors.

Contact CSLB for information about the licensed contractor you are considering, including information about disclosable complaints, disciplinary actions, and civil judgments that are reported to CSLB.

Use only licensed contractors. If you file a complaint against a licensed contractor within the legal deadline (usually four years), CSLB has authority to investigate the complaint. If you use an unlicensed contractor, CSLB may not be able to help you resolve your complaint. Your only remedy may be in civil court, and you may be liable for damages arising out of any injuries to the unlicensed contractor or the unlicensed contractor’s employees.

For more information: Visit CSLB’s internet website at     Call CSLB at 800-321-CSLB (2752)    Write CSLB at P.O. Box 26000, Sacramento, CA 95826.

Change order: A change-order form for changes or extra work shall be incorporated into the contract and shall become part of the contract only if it is in writing and signed by the parties prior to the commencement of any work covered by a change order.

Final payment: Final payment shall consist of the amounts remaining to be paid to Contractor, plus any retention, reduced by the amount of any back charges or deductions, or any stop notices or liens that have been recorded. Final payment shall be made only after Contractor has completed all Work, provided all guaranties and warranties, provided any and all training required under the Scope of Work, and otherwise complied fully with all requirements of the Contract and any Subcontract Documents. Payment in full is due upon completion of the work to be determined by Mike McPherson. No retentions, charge backs or damages maybe withheld from the final payment. Payments may be made in cash or cashiers check. Personal checks are accepted at our discretion. A three percent (3.5%) convenience will be added to credit card charges.

Permitting service for residential and commercial generator: All blue prints, plans and drawings created by United Generator LLC are copy righted and owned by United Generator LLC and may not be reporduced, copied or used for any purpose what-so-ever without express written permission. The fee(s) customers pay to United Generator to produce blue prints, plans and drawings does not give the customer permission to use these documents for any reason what-so-ever.

Permitting service for mobile and stationary diesel  generators: Occasionally, we provide permitting service. This involves identifying the generator, filling out CARB applications, submitting paperwork to the State of California CARB California Air Resources Board United Generator and its subcontractors are not responsible for damages or losses due to improper installation, service, repairs, or delays accompanied with the required “permit to operate” fees. We charge an agreed-upon administration fee for this service before we start the process – these administration fees are non-refundable whether the permit is successful or not—the customer deposit(s) additional funds with us for the “permit to operate” cost. If the “permit to operate” is unsuccessful, the green sticker permit fee is partially refundable fewer costs to be determined by us. Some jobs are much more time-consuming and difficult than others – refunds will be based upon this factor – maximum “permit to operate” deposit refunds will be no greater than 90%. If a temporary “permit to operate” is awarded on non-qualifying generators, a minimum of 50% of the deposited fees shall be due to United Generator due to their failure to meet current regulations.

Warranty: All merchandise sold by United Generator LLC is warranted by the manufacturer, not United Generator LLC. Seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any product, the merchantability, or fitness thereof. Warranty claims must be made directly with the manufacturer by the customer.

Conflicting Policy Statements: In the event of conflicting policy statements of the United Generator, the most restrictive versions shall apply.

Legal Venue Agreement: Purchase of any product from United Generator constitutes purchaser’s acceptance of our stated policies and subject’s purchaser to its contents. This includes but is not limited to all sales and installations, including by phone, e-mail, text messaging, wire, telegram, US Mail, direct in-person, third party, and out of State. Any purchaser of merchandise from United Generator pursuant to this Internet advertisement agrees that any and all legal claims and controversies regarding the sale of merchandise to a said purchaser(s) shall be settled by binding arbitration. Either party may initiate arbitration which will take place in the county of Sonoma, State of California, under the rules established by the American Arbitration Association. If either party refuses arbitration, the other party may start litigation in the appropriate court in the County of Sonoma in the State of California. The court or arbitrator hearing the matter shall apply all applicable laws and the policies of the United Generator, of which the most restrictive versions shall apply. The prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and cost of collection.

Customer Purchase Agreement: United Generator LLC reserves the right to refuse the sale of any product for any reason to anyone at any time.

United Generator LLC reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice to anyone. If our Policies and Practices change in the future, we will post the policy changes to our website.

If you feel that this site is not following its stated policies, you may contact us at the below e-mail address.

We can be reached via e-mail: at